Biology of Reproduction, Environment, Epigenetics and Development


Unit Biology of Reproduction, Environment, Epigenetics and Development

The BREED unit's research focuses on the development of the mammalian embryo from the formation of the egg cell to birth and development to adulthood. Projects range from fundamental studies on the functioning of the genome during embryo and fetal growth to applied research on the effects of the environment at large on development in the agronomic, veterinary and biomedical fields. The scientific objective is to understand and control the mechanisms of epigenetic programming during prenatal life, leading to the birth of a healthy, fertile and robust individual, able to adapt to changes in his environment.

The BREED unit is attached to the PHASE and ALIMH departments.

A new study, led by scientists from Uppsala University (Sweden) and the BREED Unit (Université Paris-Saclay/INRAe), has discovered that the pro-viral host protein ZC3H11A plays an essential role in maintaining the viability of embryos during early development. The study revealed a previously unknown function of ZC3H11A in the complex process of embryonic growth, and highlights its impact on development. The article is published in PNAS (
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The BREED unit is a member of Carnot France Futur Élevage: the Carnot-accredited network dedicated to livestock production. Carnot France Futur Élevage is a network of academic research laboratories and agricultural technical institutes dedicated to promoting R&D collaboration and innovation transfer within the livestock industry. Carnot France Futur Élevage