Unit governance

The governance of the unit is ensured by the Management College composed of the DU and two Deputy Unit Directors (CoDir) and the College of Team Managers (CoRE).

Management College (CoDir) 

College of Research Team Leaders (CoRE)

  • DGP : Gonadal differentiation and its disturbances
    • Leader : Béatrice MANDON-PEPIN
  • EPEE : Embryo and Pluripotency: Epigenetics and Environment
    • Leader: Alice Jouneau
  • MECP2 : Epigenetic Mechanisms and Construction-Prediction of Phenotypes
    • Leader: Hélène JAMMES
  • PEPPS : Placenta - Environment and Phenotype Programming
    • Leader: Anne Couturier-Tarrade
  • RHuMA : Human Reproduction and Animal Models
    • Leader: François Vialard

Organizational chart

Five research teams (DGP, EPEEMECP2, EMDIPEPPS, RHuMA)

Three technical platforms (Ruminant embryo production workshop, MIMA2).

An administrative team (EAFC) serving the collective.

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