List of publications 2012

List of publications 2012

Aguirre-Lavin, T., Adenot, P., Bonnet-Garnier, A., Lehmann, G., Fleurot, R., Boulesteix, C., Debey, P., Beaujean, N., 2012. 3D-FISH analysis of embryonic nuclei in mouse highlights several abrupt changes of nuclear organization during preimplantation development. BMC Dev Biol, 12: 30 20 pages

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Al-Gubory, K.H., 2012. Mitochondria: Omega-3 in the route of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species. Int J Biochem Cell Biol., 44: 1569-1573

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Alessandri, JM, Extier, A, Al-Gubory, K.H., Harbeby, E, Lallemand, MS, Linard, A, Lavialle, M, Guesnet, P., 2012. Influence of gender on DHA synthesis: the response of rat liver to low dietary α-linolenic acid evidences higher ω3 ∆4-desaturation index in females. Eur. J. Nutr., 51: 199-209

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Bellingham, M., McKinnell, C., Fowler, P. A., Amezaga, M. R., Rhind, S. M., Cotinot, C., Mandon-Pepin, B., Evans, N. P., Sharpe, R. , 2012. Foetal and post-natal exposure of sheep to sewage sludge chemicals disrupts sperm production in adulthood in a subset of animals. Int J Androl, 35: 317-329

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Chassot, AA., Bradford, ST., Auguste, A., Gregoire, EP., Pailhoux, E., de Rooij, DG., Schedl, A., Chaboissier, MC., 2012. WNT4 and RSPO1 together are required for cell proliferation in the early mouse gonad. Development, 139: 4461-4472

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Chavatte-Palmer, P., Camous, S., Jammes, H., Le Cleac’h, N., Guillomot, M., Lee, R.S.F. 2012. Review: Placental perturbations induce the developmental abnormalites often observed in bovine somatic cell nucmear transfer. Placenta, 33, Suppl.A 26: S99-S104

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Deguillaume, L., Geffre, A., Desquilbet,, L., Dizien,, A., Thoumire, S., Vornière, C., Constant, F., Fournier, R., Chastant-Maillard, S., 2012. Effect of endocervical inflammation on days to conception in dairy cows. Relationship with endometritis. J Dairy Sci, 95 (4): 1176-1783

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