List of publications 2016

List of publications 2016

Scientific articles

Al Gubory, K. H., Blachier, F., Faure, P., Garrel, C., 2016. Pomegranate pell extract decreases small intestine lipid peroxidation by enhancing activities of major antioxidant enzymes. J Sci Food Agr, 96 (10): 3462-3468

Al Gubory, K. H., 2016. Garrel, C., 2016. Sex-specific divergence of antioxidant pathways in fetal brain, liver, and skeletal muscles. Free Radical Research, 50 (3): 366-373

Al-Gubory, K.H., Garrel, C., Sugino, N., Fowler, P.A., 2016. The conceptus induces a switch in protein expression and activities of superoxide dismutase 1 and 2 in the sheep endometrium during early pregnancy. Small Rumin Res, 141: 77-83

Allais-Bonnet, A., Castille, J., Pannetier, M., Passet, B., Elzaïat, M., André, M., Montazer-Torbati, F., Moazami-Goudarzi, K., Vilotte, J-L., Pailhoux, E., 2016. A specific role for PRND in goat fetal Leydig cells is suggested by prion family gene expression during gonad development in goats and mice. FEBS Open Bio, 6 (1): 4-15

Arianmanesh, M., Fowler, P. A., Al-Gubory, KH, 2016. The sheep conceptus modulates proteome profiles in caruncular endometrium during early pregnancy. Anim Repro Sci, 175: 48-56

Bellingham, M., Fowler, P. A., MacDonald, E.S., Mandon-Pepin, B., Cotinot, C., Rhind, S., Sharpe, R.M., Evans, N.P., 2016. Timing of maternal exposure and fetal sex determine the effects of low-level chemical mixture exposure on the fetal neuroendocrine system in sheep. J Neuroendocrinol, 28 (12)

Bertho, S., Pasquier, J., Pan, Q., Le Trionnaire, G., Bobe, J., Postlewait, J., Pailhoux, E., Schartl, M., Herpin, A., Guigen, Y., 2016. Foxl2 and its relatives are evolutionary conserved players in gonadal sex differentiation. Sex Dev, 10 (3): 111-129

Biase FH., Rabel, C., Guillomot, M., Hue, I., Andropolis, K., Olmstead, CA., Oliveira, R.,  Wallace, R., Le Bourhis, D., Richard, C., Campion, E., Chaulot-Talmon, A., Giraud-Delville, C., Taghouti, G., Jammes, H., Renard, JP, Sandra, O., Lewin, HA., 2016. Massive dysregulation of genes involved in cell signalign and placental development in cloned cattle conceptus and maternal endometrium. PNAS, 113 (51): 14492-14501

Fneich, S.,Théron, A., Cosseau, C., Rognon, A., Aliaga, B., Buard, J., Duval, D., Arancibia, N., Boissier, J., Roquis, D., Mitta, G., Grunau, C., 2016. Epigenetic origin of adaptive phenotypic viariants in the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni. Epigenetics & Chromatin, 69: 27

Fournier, N., Tardivel, S., Benoist, J-F., Vedie, B., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Nowak, M., Allaoui, F., Paul, J-L, 2016. Eicosapentaennoic acid membrane incorporation impairs ABCA1-dependent cholesterol efflux via a protein kinase A signaling pathway in primary human macrophages. Bioch Bioph Acta, 1861 (4): 331-341

Healey, G.D., Collier, C., Griffin, S., Schuberth, H. J., Sandra, O., Smith, D.G., Mahan, S., Dieuzy-Labaye, I., Sheldon, I. M., 2016. Mevalonate biosynthesis intermediates are key regulators of innate immunity in bivine endometritis. J Immunol, 196 (2): 823-831

Kiefer, H., Jouneau, L., Campion, E., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Larcher, T., Martin-Magniette, M-L, Balzergue, S., Ledevin, M., Prézelin, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Heyman, Y., Richard, C., Le Bourhis, D., Renard, J-P., Jammes, H., 2016.  Altered DNA methylation associated with an abnormal liver phenotype in a cattle model with a high incidence of perinatal pathologies. Sci Rep- UK, 6: e38869, 18 pages

Koné, M., Fleurot, R., Chebrout, M., Debey, P., Beaujean, N., Bonnet-Garnier, A., 2016.  3D distribution of UBF and nopp140 in relationship to rDNA trancription during mouse preimplantation development. Biol Reprod, 94 (4): 95, 26 pages

Lea, R.G., Amezaga, M.R., Loup, B., Mandon-Pépin, B., Stefansdottir, A., Filis, P., Kyle, C., Zhang, Z., Allen, C., Purdie, L., Jouneau, L., Cotinot, C., Rhind, M.S., Sinclair, D. K., Fowler, P.A., 2016. The fetal ovary exhibits temporal sensitivity to a ‘real-life’mixture of environmental chemicals. Sci Rep- UK, 6: 22279, 13 pages

Lecoutre, S., Deracinois, B., Laborie C., Eberlé, D., Guinez, C., Panchenko, P., Lesage, J., Vieau, D., Junien, C., Gabory, A., Breton, C., 2016. Depot- and sex-specific effects of maternal obesity in offspring’s adipose tissue. J Endcrinol, 230 (1): 39-53

Martinet, C., Monnier, P., Louault, Y., Bernard, M., Gabory, A., Dandolo, L., 2016. H19 controls reactivation of the imprinted gene network during muscle regeneration. Development, 143 (6): 962-971

Mauffré, V., Grimard, B., Eozenou, C., Inghels, S., Silva, L., Giraud-Delville, C., Capo, D., Sandra, O., Constant, F., 2016. Interferon stimulated genes as peripheral diagnostic markers of early pregnancy in sheep: a critical assessment. Animal,  10 (11): 1856-1863

Maximin, E., Langelier, B., Aioun, J., Al-Gubory, KH., Bordat, C., Lavialle, M., Heberden, C., 2016. Fatty acid binding protein 7 and N-3 poly unsaturated fatty acid supply in early rat brain development. Dev Neurobiol, 76 (3): 287-297

Meyerholz, MM., Mense, K., Knaach, H., Sandra, O., Schmicke, M., 2016. Pregnancy-Induced ISG-15 and MX-1 gene expression is detected in the liver of Holstein-Friesian heifers during late peri-implantation period. Reprod Domest Anim, 51 (1): 175-177

Meyerholz, MM., Mense, K., Linden, M., Raliou, M., Sandra, O., Schuberth, HJ., Hoedmaker, M., Schmicke, M., 2016. Peripheral thyroid hormone levels and hepatic thyroid hormone deiodinase gene expression in dairy heifers on the day of ovulation and during the early peri-implantation period. Acta Vet Scand, 58 (1): 52

Michot, P., Chahory, S., Marete, A., Grohs, C., Dagios, D., Donzel, E., Aboukadiri, A., Deloche, M.C., Allais-Bonnet, A., Chambrial, M., Barbey, S., Genestout, L., Boussaha, M., Danchin-Burge, C., Fritz, S., Boichard, D., Capitan, A., 2016. A reverse genetic approach identifies an ancestral frameshift mutation in RP1 causing recessive progessive retinal degeneration in European cattle Breeds. Genet Sel Evol, 48 (1): 56, 15 pages

Montazer-Torbati, F., Boutinaud, M., Brun, N., Richard, C., neveu, A., Jaffrézic, F., Le Bourhis, D., Nguyen, M., Chadi, S., Jammes, H., Renard, JP., Chat, S., Boukadiri, A., Devinoy, E., 2016. Differences during the first lactation between cows cloned by somatic cell nuclear and noncloned cows. J Dairy Sci, 99 (6): 4778-4794

Osteil, P., Moulin, A., Santamaria, C., Joly, T., Jouneau, L., Aubry, M., Tapponnier, Y., Archilla, C., Schmaltz-Panneau, B., Lecardonnel, J., Barasc, H., Mouney-Bonnet, N., Genthon,C., Roulet, A., Donnadieu, C., Acloque, H., Gocza, E., Duranthon, V., Afanassieff, M., Savatier, P., 2016. A panel of embryonic stem cell lines reveals the variety and dynamic of pluripotent states in rabbits. Stem Cell Rep, 7: 383-398

Panchenko, P., Voisin, S., Jouin, M., Jouneau, L., Prézelin, A., Lecoutre, S., Breton, C., Jammes, H., Junien, C., Gabory, A., 2016. Expression  of epigenetic machinery genes is sensitive to maternal obesity and weight loss in relation to fetal growth in mice. Clin Epigenetics, 8 (22)

Pauloin, A., Adenot, P., Hue-Beauvais, C., Chanat, E., 2016. The periplin-2 (adipophilin) coat of cytosolic lipid droplets is regulated by an Arf1-dependent mechanism in HC11 mouse mammary epithelial cells. Cell Biol Int, 40 (2): 143-155

Peugnet, P., Mendoza, L., Wimel, L., Duchamp, G., Dubois, C., Reigner, F., Caudron, I., Deliège, B., Toquet, M-P., Richard, E., Chaffaux, S., Tarrade, A., Lejeune, J-P., Serteyn, D., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2016. Longitudinal study of growth and osteoarticular status in foals  born to between-breed embryo transfers. J EVS, 37: 24-38

Polisca, A., Troisi, A., Fontaine, E., Menchetti, L., Fontbonne, A, 2016. A retrospective study of canine prostatic diseases from 2002 to 2009 at the Alfort Veterinary College in France. Theriogenology, 85 (5): 835-840

Salvaing, J., Peynot, N., Bedhane, M.N., Veniel, S., Pellier, E., Boulesteix, C., Beaujean, N., Daniel, N., Duranthon, V., 2016. Assessment of ‘one-ste’ versus ‘sequential embryo culture conditions through embryonic genome methylation and hydroxymethylation changes. Hum Reprod, 31 (11): 2471-2483

Sauvegarde, C., Paul, D., Bridoux, L., Jouneau, A., Degrelle, S., Hue, I., Rezsohazy, R., Donnay, I., 2016. Dynamic pattern of H0XB9 protein localization during occyte maturation  and early embryonic development in mammals. Plos One, 11 (10): e0165898

Schröder, S.S., Tsikolia, N., Weizbauer, A., Hue, I., Viebahn, C., 2016. Paraxial nodal expression reveals a novel conserved structure of the left-right organizer in four mammalian species. Cells Tissues Organs, 201 (2): 77-87

Sepulveda-Rincon, LP., Dube, D., Adenot, P., Laffont, L., Ruffini, S., Gall , L., Campbell, BK., Duranthon, V., Beaujean, N., Maalouf, WE., 2016. Random allocation of blastomere descendants to the trophectoderm and ICM of the bovine blastocyst. Biol Reprod, 95 (6): 123, 1-10

Valentino, S., Tarrade, A., Aioun,J., Mourier, E., Richard, C., Dahirel, M., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Fournier, N., Aubrière, M.-C., Lallemand, M.-S., Camous, S., Guinot, M., Charlier, M., Aujean, E., Al Adhami, H., H. Fokkens, P., Agier, L., Boere, J. A., Cassee, F. R., Slama, R., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2016. Maternal exposure to diluted diesel engine exhaust alters placental function and induces intergenerational effects in rabbits. Part Fibre Toxicol, 13: 39

Vitorino Carvalho, A., Eozenou, C., Healey, G.D., Forde, N., Reinaud, P., Chebrout, M., Gall, L., Rodde, N., Lesage-Padilla, A., Giraud-Delville, C., Leveugle, M., Richard, C., Sheldon, I.M., Lonergan, P., Jolivet, G., Sandra, O., 2016. Analysis of STAT1 expression and biological activity reveals interferon-tau-dependent STAT1-regulated SOCS genes in the bovine endometrium. Reprod Fertil Dev, 28 (4): 459-474

Voisin, S., Guilherme, JPFL., Yan, X., Pushkarev, VP., Cieszczyk, P., Massidda, M., Calo,CM., Dyatlov, DA., Kolupaev, VA., Pushkhareva, YE., Maciejewska, A., Sawczuk, M., 2016. ACVR1Brs2854464 is associated with sprint/power atheltic status in a large cohort of europeans but not brazilians. Plos One, 11 (6): e0156316

Review articles / bibliographic reviews

Al-Gubory, K.H., 2016. Multiple exposures to environmental pollutants and oxidative stress: is there a sex specific risk of developmental complications for fetuses? Birth Defects Res C, 108: 351-364

Bertho, S., Pasquier, J., Pan, Q., Le Trionnaire, G., Bobe, J., Postlewait, J., Pailhoux, E., Schartl, M., Herpin, A., Guigen, Y., 2016. Foxl2 and its relatives are evolutionary conserved players in gonadal sex differentiation. Sex Dev, 10 (3): 111-129

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Vialard, F., Tarrade, A., Dupont, C., Duranthon, V., Lévy, R., 2016. DOHaD et programmation pré- et péri-conceptionnelle. M S-Med Sci, 32 (1): 57-65

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Robles, M., Tarrade, A., Duranthon, V., 2016. Gametes, embryos, and their epigenome: considerations for equine embryo technologies. JEVS, 41: 13-21

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Tarrade, A., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., 2016. Diet before and during pregnancy and offspring health: the importance of animal models and what can be learned from them. Int J Env Res Pub He, 13 (6): 586

Fléchon, J. E., 2016. The acrosome of eutherian mammals. Cell Tissue Res, 363 (1): 147-157. Erratum: Cell Tissue Res, 363 (1): 313

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Junien., C., Panhenko, P., Fneich, S., Pirola, L., Chriett, S., Amarger, V., Kaeffer, B., Parnet, P., Torrisani, J., Bolanos Jimenez, F., Jammes, H., Gabory, A., 2016. Epigénétique et réponses transgénérationnelles aux impacts de l’environnement – Des faits aux lacunes. M S-Med Sci, 32 (1): 35-44  

Pannetier, M., Chassot, A-A., Chaboissier, M-C., Pailhoux, E., 2016. Involvement of FOXL2 and RSPO1 in ovarian determination, development, and maintenance in mammals. Sex Dev, 10 (4): 167-184

Parma, P., Veyrunes, F., Pailhoux, E., 2016. Sex reversal in non-human placental mammals. Sex Dev, 10 (5-6): 326-344

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Rincel, M., Lépinay, A., Gabory, A., Théodorou, V., Koehi, M., Daugé, V., Maccari, S., Darnaudéry, M., 2016. Environnement précoce et vulnérabilité neuropsychiatrique. M S-Med Sci, 32 (1): 93-99

Sandra, O., 2016 Hormonal control of implantation. Ann Endocrinol (Paris), 77 (2):63-66

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Other articles (articles published in professional or technical journals, etc.)

Combrisson, H., Durand, V., Joubert, C., Malpaux, B., Maximilien, R., Montagutelli, X., Peyclit, I., Picavet, S., Ramette, J., Rochet, V., Sandra, O., Schmid, A-F., 2016. Guide de rédaction du résumé non technique des demandes d’autorisation de Projet utilisant des animaux à des fins scientifiques: un concept. STAL, 42 4ème trimestre 2016, 26-38

Rousseau, D., 2016. Pollution de l’air ambiant et santé des nouveau-nés à la naissance. ANSES, Bulletin de Veille Scientifique, N°28-mars 2016, Notes d’actualité scientifique: Santé/Environnement/Travail, 64-69

Tarrade, A., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2016. Nutrition et origines développementales des maladies. Gynécologie & Obstétrique pratique, n°288, octobre 2016

Tarrade, A., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2016. Nutrition et origines développementales des maladies. Pédiatrie Pratique n°282, novembre 2016

Valentino, S., Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2016. Exposition aux gaz d’échappement diesel durant la gestation: quelles conséquences sur le développement foeto-placentaire? Apport des modèles animaux. Bul Acad Vet France, 169 (3): 1-10

Scientific works (or chapters of works)

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Tarrade, A., 2016. Oxidative stress in mammals: pregnancy and placental function. In Oxidative stress and women’s health. Editions Eska Publishing, chapter n°10: 249-299 

Pailhoux, E., 2016. Preface. In Sex Reversal in vertebrates. Eds Karger , Sex Dev, 10 (5-6): 221-222

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Tosolini, M., Jouneau, A., 2016. Acquiring ground state pluripotency: switching mouse embryonic stem cells from serum/LIF medium to 2i/LIF medium. Methods Mol Biol, in “Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols”, vol1341:  41-48

Tosolini, M., Jouneau, A., 2016. From naïve to primed pluripotency: in vitro conversion of mouse embryonic stem cells in epiblast stem cells. Methods Mol Biol, in “Embryonic Stem Cell Protocols”, vol1341: 209-216

Direction of works

Pailhoux, E., 2016. Sex Reversal in vertebrates. Eds Karger in Sex Dev, 10 (5-6): 217-346

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