List of publications 2017

List of publications 2017

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Abitbol, M., Bossé, P., Grimard, B., Martignat, L., Tiret, L., 2017. Allelic heterogeneity of albinism in the domestic cat. Anim Genet, 48 (1): 127-128

Al-Gubory, K.H., Faure, P., Garrel, C., 2017. Different enzymatic antioxidative pathways operate within the sheep caruncular and intercaruncular endometrium throughout the estrous cycle and early pregnancy. Theriogenology, 99: 111-118

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Dumas, M.-E., Rothwell, A. R., Hoyles, L., Aranias, T., Chilloux, J., Calderari, S., Noll, E. M., Péan, N., Boulangé, C. L., Blancher, C., Barton, R. H., Gu, Q., Fearnside, J. F., Deshayes, C., Hue, C., Scott, J., Nicholson, J. K., Gauguier, D.,2017. Microbial-host co-metabolites are prodromal markers predicting phenotypic heterogeneity in behavior, obesity, and impaired glucose tolerance. Cell Reports, 20 (1): 136-148

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Lecoutre, S., Oger, F., Pourpe, C., Butruille, L., Marousez, L., Dickes-Coopman, A., Laborie, C., Guinez, C., Lesage, J., Vieau, D., Junien, C., Eberlé, D., Gabory, A., Eeckhoute, J., Breton, C., 2017. Maternal obesity programs increased leptin gene expression in rat male offspring via epigenetic modifications in a depot-specific manner. Mol Metab, 6 (8): 922-930

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Ma, S., Preims, M., Piumi, F., Kappel, L., Seiboth, B., Record, E., Kracher, D., Ludwing, R., 2017. Molecular and catalyc properties of fungal extracellular cellobiose deshydrogenase produced in prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems. Microb Cell Fact, 16 (1): 37, 14 pages

Mitanchez, D., Jacqueminet, S., Nizard, J., Tanguy, M-L., Ciangura, C., Lacorte, J-M., De Carne, C., Foix L’Hélias, L., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Charles, M-A., Dommergues, M., 2017.  Effect of maternal obesity on birthweight and neonatal fat mass: a prospective clinical trial. Plos One, 12 (7): e0181307

Munoz, M., Martin, D., Carrocera, S., Alonso-Guervos, M., Mora, M.I., Corrales, F.J., Peynot, N., Giraud-Delville, C., Duranthon, V., Sandra, O., Gomez, E., 2017. Localisation of stem cell factor, stanniocalcin-1, connective tissue growth factor and heparin-binding epidermal growth factor in the bovine uterus at the time of blastocyst formation. Reprod Fertil Dev, 29 (11): 2127-2139

Nuttinck, F., Jouneau, A., Charpigny, G., Hue, I., Richard, C., Adenot, P., Ruffini, S., Laffont, L., Chebrout, M., Duranthon, V., Marquant-Le Guienne, B., 2017. Prosurvival effect of cumulus prostaglandin G/H synthase 2/prostaglandin 2 signaling on biovine blastocyst: impact on in vivo posthatching development. Biol Reprod, 96 (3): 531-541

O’Doherty, A.M., O’Shea, L.C., Sandra, O., Lonergan, P., Fair, T., Forde, N., 2017. Imprinted and DNA methyltransferase gene expression in the endometrium during the pre- and peri-implantation period in cattle. Reprod Fertil Dev, 29 (9): 1729-1738

Ozil, J-P., Sainte-Beuve, T., Banrezes, B., 2017. [Mg(2+)]o/[Ca(2+)]o determines Ca(2+) response at fertilization: tuning of adult phenotype? Reproduction, 154 (5): 675-693

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Piras, C., Guo, Y., Soggiu, A., Chanrot, M., Greco, V., Urbani, A., Charpigny, G., Bonizzi, L., Ronada, P., Humblot, P., 2017. Changes in protein expression profils in bovine endometrial epithelial cells exposed to E. coli LPS challenge. Mol Biosyst, 13 (2): 392-405   

Rahmoun, M., Lavery, R., Laurent-Chaballier, S., Bellora, N., Philipp, GK., Rossitto, M., Pailhoux, E., Cammas, F., Chung, J., Bagheri-Fam, S., Murphy, M., Bardwell, V., Zarhower, D., Boizet-Bonhoure, B., Clair, P., Harley, VR., Poulat, F., 2017. In mammalian fœtal testes, SOX9 regulates expression of its target genes by binding  to genomic regions with conserved signatures. Nucleic Acids Res, 45 (12): 7191-7211

Rego, R.O., Silva, R.J., Santos, J.F., Ponter, A.A., Duvaux-Ponter, C., Afonso, J.A.B., 2017. Do intramuscular injections of beta 1,3-glucan affect metabolic and enzymatic profiles in Santa Ines ewes during late gestation and early lactation? Recl Med Vet, 168 (1-3): 21-29 WOS 000403792000003

Robles, M., Dahirel, M., Wimel, L., Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2017. Maternal nutrition during pregnancy affects testicular and bone development, glucose metabolism and response to overnutrition in weaned horses up to two years. Plos One, 12 (1): e0169295

Salah Abdoon, A.S., Giraud-Delville, C., Kandil, O. M., Kerboeuf- Giraud, A., Eozenou, C., Vitorino Carvalho, A., Julian, S., Sandra, O., 2017. Maternal recognition of pregnancy and implantation are not associated with an interferon response of the endometrium to the presence of the conceptus in dromedary camel. Theriogenology, 90: 301-308.

Sanz, G., Leray, I., Muscat, A., Acquistapace, A., Cui,  T., Riviere, J., Vincent-Naulleau, S., Giandomenico, V., Mir, L.M., 2017. Gallein, a Gβγ subunit signalling inhibitor, inhibits metastatic spread of tumour cells expressing OR51E2 and exposed to its odorant ligand. BMC Research  Notes, 10 (1): 541

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Yang, R., Shen, X., Wang, Y., Voisin, S., Cai, G., Fu, Y., Xu, W., Eynon, N., Bishop, D.J., Yan, X., 2017. ACTN3 R577X gene variant is associated with muscle-related phenotypes in elite Chinese sprint/power athletes. J. Strengh Cond Res, 31 (4): 1105-1115

Review articles / bibliographic reviews

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Peugnet, P., Robles, M., 2017. Developmental programming in equine species: relevance for the horse industry. Anim Frontiers, 7 (1): 48-54

Gonzalez-Bulnes, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2017. Contribution of large animals to translational research on prenatal of obestiy and associated diseases. Curr Pharma Biotechno, 18 (7): 541-551

Mourier, E., Tarrade, A., Duan, J., Richard, C., Bertholdt, C., Beaumont, M., Morel, O., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2017. Non-invasive evaluation of placental blood flow: lessons from animal models. Reproduction, 153: R85-R96

Other articles (articles published in professional or technical journals, etc.)

Grimard, B., Agabriel, J., Chambon, G., Chanvallon, A., Constant, F., Chastant, S., 2017. Particularités de la reproduction des vaches allaitantes de races françaises. INRA Prod Anim, 30 (2): 125-138

Robles, M., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2017. La santé du poulain se prépare dès la gestation. GAET, bulletin n°155, Janvier 2017: 30-33

Direction d'ouvrages

Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., 2017. Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Springer International Publishing, Germany, 553 pages

Scientific works (or chapters of works)

Aguirre-Lavin, T., Beaujean, N. 2017. Three-dimensional immunofluorescence in situ hybridization in preimplantation mouse embryos. In Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) eds Springer Protocols Handbooks, 417-427

Gosse, C., Zhao, X., Migeotte, I., Suarez-Boomgaard, D., Hue, I., Degrelle, S., Perea-Gomez, A., Mazari, E., 2017. The use of electroporation in developmental biology. In Handbook of Electroporation, Eds Miklavcic, chapter 139-1: 1375-1409

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