List of publications 2018

List of publications 2018

Scientific articles

Bernado, AS., Jouneau, A., Marks, H., Kensche, P., Kobolak, J., Freude, K., Hall, V., Feher, A., Polgar, Z., Sartori, C., Bock, I., Louet, C., Faial, T., Kerstens, HHD., Bouissou, C., Parsonage, G., Mashayekhi, K., Smth, JC., Lazzari, G., Hyttel, P., Stunnenberg, HG., Huynen, M., Pedersen, RA., Dinnyes, A., 2018. Mammalian embryo comparison identifies novel pluripotency genes associated with the naïve or primed state. Biol Open, 7(8): pii: bio033282

Bertevello, P.S., Teixeira-Gomes, A-P., Seyer, A., Vitorino Carvalho, A., Labas, V., Blache, M-C., Banliat, C., Vieira Cordeiro, L A., Duranthon, V., Papillier, P., Maillard, V., Elis, S., Uzbekova, S, 2018. Lipid identification and transcriptional analysis of controlling enzymes in bovine ovarian follicle. Int J Mol Sci, 19 (10): pii:e3261

Bertho, S., Herpin, A., Branthonne, A., jouanno, E., Yano, A., Nicol, B., Muller, T., Pannetier, M., Pailhoux, E., Miwa, M., Yoshizaki, G., Schartl, M., Guigen, Y., 2018. The unusual rainbow trout sex determination gene hijacked the canonical vertebrate gonadal differentiation pathway. PNAS, 115 (50): 12781-12786

Bonnet-Garnier, A., Kiêu, K., Aguirre-Lavin, T., Tar, K., Flores, P., Liu, Z., Yang, CX., Peynot, N., Chebrout, M., Zhou, Q., Dinnyes, A., Duranthon, V., Beaujean, N., 2018. Three dimensional analysis of heterochromatin nuclear distribution during rabbit early development. Chromosoma, 127 (3): 387-403

Bourdon, M., Torres, L., Monniaux, D., Faure, C., Levy, R., Tarrade, A., Rousseau, D., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Jolivet, G., 2018. Impact of gestational exposure to diesel exhaust on offspring gonadal development: experimental study in the rabbit. J DOHaD, 9 (5): 519-529

Canon, E., Jouneau, L., Blachère, T., Peynot, N., Daniel, N., Boulanger, L., Maulny, L., Archilla, C., Voisin, S., Jouneau, A., Godet, M., Duranthon, V., 2018. Progessive methylation of POU5F1 regulatory regions during blastocyst development. Reproduction, 156 (2): 145-161

Dubois, C., Nakonechny, L., Derisoud, E., Merkies, M., 2018. Examining Canadian equine industry participants’ perceptions of horses and their welfare. Animals, Special Issue “Performance horse welfare: from good training to appropriate behavior”, 8 (11): pii: E201

Fabrèges, D., Daniel, N.,  Duranthon, V., Peyrieras, N., 2018. Control of inner cells' proportion by asymmetric divisions and ensuing resilience of cloned rabbit. Development, 145 (8) dev152041

Favre-Inhofer, A., Carbonnel, M., Sandra, O., Arash, R., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Vialard, F., Richard, C., Gelin, V., Mougenot, V., Hersant, B., Bosc, R., 2018. Critical steps for initiating an animal uterine transplantation model in sheep: experience from a case series. Int J Surg, 60: 245-251

Fritz, S., Hoze, C., Rebours, E., Barbat, M., Bizard, M., Escouflaire, C., Vander Jagt, C., Boussaha, M., Grohs, C., Allais-Bonnet, A., Philippe, M., Vallée, A., Amigues, Y., J. Hayes, B., Boichard, D., Capitan, A., 2018. An initiator codon mutation in SD2 causes recessive embryonic lethality in Holstein cattle. J Dairy Sci, 101 (7): 6220-6231

Gamarra, G., Ponsart, C., Lacaze, S., Nuttinck, F., Cordovia, A., Mermillod, P., Marquant- Le-Guienne, B., Monniaux, D., Humblot, P., Ponter, A.A., 2018. Oral propylene glycol modifies follicular fluid and gene expression profiles in cumulus-oocyte complexes and embryos in feed-restricted heifers. Reprod Fertil Dev, 30 (3): 417-429

Girard, P.M., Peynot, N., Lelievre, J.M., 2018. Differential correlations between changes to glutathione redox state, protein ubiquitination, and stress-inducible HSPA chaperone expression after different types of oxidative stress. Cell Stress and Chaperones, 23 (5): 985-1002

Lecoutre, S., Pourpe, C., Butruille, L., Marousez, L., Laborie, C., Guinez, C., Lesage, J., Vieau, D., Eeckhoute, J., Gabory, A., Oger, F., Eberlé, D., Breton, C., 2018. Reduced PPARy2 expression in adipose tissue of male rat offsping from obese dams is associated with epigenetic modifications. FASEB J, 32 (5): 2768-2778

Lejal, N., Truchet, S., Bechor, E., Bouguyon, E., Khedkar, V., Bertho, N., Vidic, J., Adenot, P., Pick, E., Slama-Schwok, A., 2018. Turning off NADPH oxidase-2 by impeding p67phox activation in infected mouse macrophagesreduced viral entry and inflammation. BBA-Gen-Subjects, 1862 (6): 1263-1275

Odening, K. E., Bodi, I., Franke, G., Rieke, R., de Medeiros, A. R., Perez-Feliz, S., Fuerniss, H., Mettke, L., Michaelidis, K., Lang, C. N., Steinfurt, J., Pantulu, N. D., Ziupa, D., Menza, M., Zehender, M., Bugger, H., Peyronnet, R., Behrends, J., Doleschall, Z., zur Hausen, A., Bode, C., Jolivet, G., Brunner, M., 2018. Transgenic short-QT syndrome 1 rabbits mimic the human disease phenotype with QT/APD shortening in the atria and ventricles and increased VT/VF inducibility. Eur Heart J,

Perrier, J-P., Sellem, E., Prézelin, A., Gasselin, M., Jouneau, L., Piumi, F., Al Adhami, H., Weber, M., Fritz, S., Boichard, D., Le Danvic, C., Schibler, L., Jammes, H., Kiefer, H., 2018. A multi-scale analysis of bull sperm methylome revealed both species peculiarities and conserved tissue-specific features. BMC Genomics, 19 (1): 404

Robles, M., Nouveau, E., Gautier, C., Mendoza, L., Dubois, C., Dahirel, M., Lagofun, B., Aubriere, M. C., Lejeune, J-P., Caudron, I., Guenon, I., Viguié, C., Wimel, L., Bouraima-Lelong, H., Serteyn, D., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Maternal obesity increases insulin resistance, low-grade inflammation and osteochondrosis lesions in foals and yearlings until 18 monts of age. Plos One, 13 (1): e0190309

Robles, M., Peugnet, P.M, Valentino, S.A, Dubois, C., Dahirel, M., Aubriere, M-C., Reigner, F., Serteyn, D., Wimel, L., Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Placental structure and function in different breeds in horses. Theriogenology, 108: 136-145  

Robles, M., Peugnet, P., Dubois, C., Piumi, F., Jouneau, L., Bouchez, O., Aubriere, M-C., Dahirel, M., Aioun, J., Wimel, L., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018.  Placental function and and structure at term id altered in broodmares fed with cereals from mid-gestation. Placenta, 64: 44-52

Robles, M., Dubois, C., Gautier, M., Guenon, H., Bouraima-Lelong, H., Viguié, C., Wimel, L., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Maternal parity affects placental development, growth and metabolism of foals until 1 year and a half. Thériogenology, 108: 321-330

Robles, M., Peugnet, P., Valentino, S., Dubois, C., Dahirel, M., Aubrière, MC., Reigner, F., Serteyn, D., Wimel , L., Tarrade, A.,  Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Placental alterations in structure and function in intra-uterine growth-retarded horses. Equine Vet J, 50 (3): 405-414

Tosolini, M., Brochard, V., Adenot, P., Chebrout, M., Grillo, G., Navia, V., Beaujean, N., Francastel C., Bonnet-Garnier, A., Jouneau, A., 2018. Contrasted regulation of pericentromeric heterochromatin in mouse ground naive and primed pluripotent stem cells. Sci Reports, 8(1): 5776

Valenzuela, O.A., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Choi, Y-H., Aubrière, M-C., Ritthaler, J., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Hinrichs, K., 2018. Impact of equine assisted reproductive technologies (standard embryo transfer or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) with in vitro culture and embryo transfer) on placenta and foal morphometry and placental gene expression. Reprod Fertil Dev, 30 (2): 371-379

Zemdegs, J., Rainer, Q., Grossmann, C.P., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Grynberg, A., Ribeiro, E., Guiard, B.P., 2018. Anxiolytic and antidepressant like effects of fish oil enriched diet in brain derived neurotrophic factor deficient mice. Frontiers NeuroSci, 12: 974

Review articles / bibliographic reviews

Chavatte-Palmer, P., Velasquez, M.A., Jammes, H., Duranthon, V., 2018. Epigenetics, developmental programming and nutrition in herbivores. Animal, 12 (S2): s363-s371

De Graaff, W., Grimard, B., 2018. Progesterone-releasing devices for cattle estrus induction and synchronization: Device optimization to anticipate shorter treatment durations and new device developments. Theriogenology, 112: 34-43

Duranthon, V., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Long term effects of ART: what do animals tell us? Mol Reprod Dev, 85 (4): 348-368

Mitanchez, D., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Review shows that maternal obesity induces serious adverse neonatal effects and is associated with childhood obesity in their offspring. Acta Paediatr, 107 (7): 1156-1165

Nuttinck, F., 2018. Oocyte related factors impacting on embryo quality: relevance for in vitro embryo production. Anim Reprod, 15 (3): 271-277

Other articles (articles published in professional or technical journals, etc.)

De Boyer Des Roches, A., Ledoux, D., Grimard, B., 2018. Conséquences des pratiques de reproduction sur le bien-être en élevage. Le Point Vétérinaire, 49: 84-90

De Boyer Des Roches, A., Grimard, B., Mounier, L., Ledoux, D., 2018. Amélioration des performances de reproduction et bien-être en élevage. Le Point Vétérinaire, 49: 90-92

Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Macaques clonés: quel intérêt pour la recherche européenne ? de Béraud C. La semaine Vétérinaire, n°1766, 1 page

Meunier-Salaün, M-C., Bugeon, J., Fatet, A., Hue, I., Hurtaud, C., Nédellec, C., Vernet,  J.,  Reichstadt, M., Yves Le Bail, P-Y., 2018. Un outil au service de la standardisation des bases de données: les ontologies ATOL/EOL. Cahier des techniques de l'Inra", 2018, n°93, 1-7

Rousseau-Ralliard, D., 2018. Exposition gestationnelle aux hydrocarbures aromatiques polycycliques (HAP)- comment évaluer les HAP et queles effets sur les enfants exposés in utero. Anses- Bulletin de Veille Scientifique n°3, Santé/Environnement/Travail, Avril 2018: 33-37

Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2018. Stress oxydatif chez les mammifères: effets sur la grossesse et la fonction placentaire. Corresp MHDN, Vol. XXII - n° 5-6 - mai-juin 2018

Scientific works (or chapters of works)

Al-Gubory, K.H., 2018. Phytochemicals, antioxidant therapy, opportunites and challenges. In Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Eds Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., Springer International Publishing, Germany, Introducing chapter: 1-26

Al-Gubory, K.H., 2018. Plant-Based diets for health maintenance and disease prevention: why and how? In Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Eds Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., Springer International Publishing, Germany, chapter 4: 89-112

Al-Gubory, K.H., 2018. Plant antioxidants in the prevention of early life programming diseases. In Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Eds Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I.,Springer International Publishing, Germany, chapter 7: 159-188

Alzeer, J., Arafeh, R., Al-Gubory, K.H. Antioxidants in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer. In Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Eds Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., Springer International Publishing, Germany, chapter 19: 493-522

Beaujean, N., Salvaing, J., Hadi, N.A., Pennings, S., 2018. Antibody-based detection of global nuclear DNA methylation in cells, tissue sections, and mammalian embryos. In DNA Methylation Protocols, Eds Springer Protocols, 1708: 59-80

Houdebine, L.M., 2018. Transgenic animal production. In Singh, R.L., Mondal, S., Elman Ca, C.V.P., Eds. Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture: Emerging approaches and strategies. Cambridge: Woodhead Publ Ltd, chapter 5: 141-184

McGhee, George R., Hue, I., Dardaillon, J., Pontarotti, P., 2018. A proposed terminology of convergent evolution. In “Origin and Evolution of Biodiversity », Eds Pierre Pontarotti, Springer International Publishing, Germany, chapter 18, 331-340

Rehman, K., Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., Sajid Hamid Askash, M., 2018. Dietary polyphenols in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. In Nutritionnal antioxidant therapies: treatments and perspectives. Eds Al-Gubory, K.H., Laher, I., Springer International Publishing, Germany, chapter 15: 377-398

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