List of publications 2019

List of publications 2019

Scientific articles

Allach El Khattabi, L., Backer, S., Pinard, A., Dieudonné, MN., Tsatsaris, V., Vaiman, D., Dandolo, L., Bloch-Gallego, E., Jammes, H., Barbaux, S., 2019. A genome-wide search for new imprinted genes in the human placenta identifies DSCAM as the first imprinted gene on chromosome 21. Eur J Hum Genet, 27: 49-60

Bernal-Meléndez, E., Lacroix, M-C., Bouillaud, P., Callebert, J., Olivier, B., Persuy, M-A., Durieux, D., Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Aioun, J., Cassee, F., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Valentino, S., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Schroeder, H., Baly, C., 2019. Repeated gestational exposure to diesel engine exhaust affects the fetal olfactory system and alters olfactory-based behavior in rabbit offspring. Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 16:5

Biaise, F.H., Hue, I., Dickinson, S.E., Jaffrezic, F., Laloe, D., Lewin, H.A., Sandra, O., 2019. Fine-tuned adaptation of embryo-endometrium pairs at implantation revealed by gene regulatory networks in Bos Taurus. Plos Biology, 17 (4): e3000046

Camargo, L.S.A., Aguirre-Lavin, T., Adenot, P., Araujo, T.D., Mendes, V.R.A., Louro, I.D., Beaujean, N., Souza, E.D., 2019. Heat shock during in vitro maturation induces chromatin modifications in the bovine embryo. Reproduction, 158 (4): 313-322

Dirks, R.A.M., Mierlo, G.V., Kerstens, H.D., Bernado, A.S., Kobolak, J., Bock, I., Maruotti, J., Pedersen, R.A., Dinnyes, A., Huynen, M.A., Jouneau, A., Marks, H., 2019. Allele-specific RNA-seq expression profiling of imprinted genes in mouse isogenic pluripotent states. Epigenet Chromatin, 12:14, 1-21

Dupont, C., Hulot, A., Jaffrezic, F., Faure, C., Czernichow, S., Di Clemente, N., Racine, C., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Lévy, R., AlifertGroup, 2019. Female ponderale index at birth and idiopathic infertility. J Dev Orig Health Dis, in press,

Dupont, C., Faure, C., Daoud, F., Gautier, B., Czerichow, S., Levy, R., and the ALIFERT Collaborative Group dont Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2019. Metabolic syndrome and smocking are independent risk factors of male idiopathic infertility. Basic Clin Androl,

Filis, P., Walker, N., Robertson, L., Eaton-Turner, E., Ramona, L., Bellingham, M., Amezaga, M.R., Zhang, Z., Mandon-Pépin, B., Evans, N.P., Sharpe, R.M., Cotinot, C., Rees, W.D., O’Shaughnessy, P., Fowler, P.A., 2019. Long-term exposure to chemicals in sewage sludge fertilizer alters liver lipid content in females and cancer marker expression in males. Environ Int, 124: 98-108

Foucault, A.M., Faure, C., Julia, C., Czernichow, S., Levy, R., Dupont, C., Aknin, I., Cedrin-Durnerin, I., Cens, S., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Hercberg, S., Pocate, K., Sermondade, N., Uthurriague, C., Wolf, J.P., 2019. Sedentary behavior, physical inactivity and body composition in relation to idiopathic infertility among men and women. Plos One, 14 (4).

Gobé, C., Elzaiat, M., Meunier, N., André, M., Sellem, E., Congar, P., Jouneau, L., Allais-Bonnet, A., Naciri, I., Passet, B., Pailhoux, E., Pannetier, M., 2019. Dual role of DMXL2 in olfactory information transmission and the first wave of spermatogenesis. Plos Genetics, 15 (2): e1007909

Grimard, B., De Boyer des Roches, A., Coignard, M., Lehébel, A., Chuiton, A., Mounier, L., Veissier, I., Guatteo, R., Bareille, N., 2019. Relationships between welfare and reproductive performance in french dairy herds. The Veterinary Journal, 248: 1-7

Guo, Y., Van Schaik, T., Jhamat, N., Niazi, A., Chanrot, M., Charpigny, G., Valarcher, J-F., Bongcam-Rudloff, E., Andersson, G., Humblot, P., 2019. Differential gene expression in bovine endometrial epithelial cells after challenge with LPS; specific implications for genes involved in embryo maternal interactions. Plos One, e0222081

Hélary, L., Castille, J., Passet, B., Vaiman, A., Beauvallet, C., Jaffrezic, F., Charles, M., Tamzini, M., Bareige, F., Letheule, M., Laubier, J., Moazami-Goudarzi, K., Vilotte, J-L., Blanquet, V, Duchesne, A., 2019. DNAJC2 is requiered for mouse early embryonic development. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 516 (1): 258-263

Herpin, A., Schmidt, C., Kneitz, S., Gobé, C., Regensburger, M., Le Cam, A., Montfort, J., Lillesaar, C., Wilhlm, D., Kraeussling, M., Mourot, B., Porcon, B., Pannetier, M., Pailhoux, E., Etwiller, L., Dolle, DM, Guigen, Y., Schartl, M., 2019. A novel evolutionary conserved mechanism of RNA stability regulates synexpression of primordial germ cell-specfic genes prior to the sex-determination stage. Plos Biology, 17 (4): e3000185

Hue, I., Dufort, I., Vitorino Carvalho, A., Laloe, D., Peynot, N., Degrelle, S., Viebahn, C., Sirard, M- A., 2019. Different pre-implantation phenotypes of bovine blastocysts produced in vitro. Reproduction, 157 (2): 163-178

Hue-Beauvais, C., Aujean, E., Miranda, G., Ralliard-Rousseau, D., Valentino, S., Brun, N., Ladebese, S., Péchoux, C., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Charlier, M., 2019. Impact of exposure to diesel exhaust during pregnancy on mammary gland development and milk composition in the rabbit. Plos One, 14 (2): e0212132

Kalo, D., Vitorino Carvalho, A., Archilla, C., Duranthon, V., Moroldo, M., Levin, Y., Kupervaser, M., Smith, Y., Roth, Z., 2019. Mono (2-ethylhexy) phthalate (MEHP) induces transcriptomic alterations in oocytes and their derived blastocysts. Toxicology, 21: 59-73

Mathew, D.J., Sanchez, J.M., Passaro, C., Charpigny, G., Behura, S.K., Spencer, T.E., Lonergan, P., 2019. Interferon tau-dependent and independent effects of the bovine conceptus on the endomedrial transcriptone. Biol Reprod, 100(2): 365-380

May-Panloup, P., Brochard, V., Hamel, JF, DEsquieret-Dumars, V., Chupin, S., Reynier, P., Duranthon, V., 2019. Maternal ageing impairs mitochondrial DNA kinetics during early embryogenesis in mice. Hum Reprod, pii: dez054

Nogues, P., Dos Santos, E., Jammes, H., Berveiller, P., Arnould, L., Vialard, F., Dieudonné, M-N., 2019. Maternal obesity influences adiponectin and leptin systems in human third trimester placenta through epigenetic mechanisms. Clin Epigenetics, 11 (1)

Odening, K. E., Bodi, I., Franke, G., Rieke, R., de Medeiros, A. R., Perez-Feliz, S., Fuerniss, H., Mettke, L., Michaelidis, K., Lang, C. N., Steinfurt, J., Pantulu, N. D., Ziupa, D., Menza, M., Zehender, M., Bugger, H., Peyronnet, R., Behrends, J., Doleschall, Z., zur Hausen, A., Bode, C., Jolivet, G., Brunner, M., 2018. Transgenic short-QT syndrome 1 rabbits mimic the human disease phenotype with QT/APD shortening in the atria and ventricles and increased VT/VF inducibility. Eur Heart J, 400 (10): 842-853

Pallotta, M.M., Barato, V., Pinton, A., Acloque, H., Gualtieri, R., Talevi, R., Jammes, H., Capriglione, T., 2019. In vitro exposure to CPF affects bovine sperm epigenetic gene methylation pattern and the ability of sperm to support fertilization and embryo development. Environ Mol Mutagen, 60 (1): 85-95

Panchenko, P., Lacroix, M.-C., Jouin, M., Voisin, S., Badonnel, K., Lemaire, M., Meunier, N., Safi-Stibler, S., Persuy, M.-A., Jouneau, L., Durieux, D., Lecoutre, S., Jammes, H., Ralliard-Rousseau, D., Breton, C., Junien, C., Baly, C., Gabory, A., 2019. Effect of Maternal Obesity and Preconceptional Weight Loss on Male and Female Offspring Metabolism and Olfactory Performance in Mice. Nutrients, 11 (5), pii E948

Raliou, M., Dembélé, D., Düvel, A., Bolifraud, P., Aubert, J., Mary-Huard, T., Rocha, D., Piumi, F., Mockly, S., Heppelmann, M., Dieuzy-Labaye, I., Zieger, P., Smith, D.G.E., Schuberth, J., Sheldon, I.M., Sandra, O., 2019. Subclinical endometritis in dairy cattle is associated with distinct mRNA expression patterns in blood and endometrium. Plos One, 14 (8): e0220244

Robles, M., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Derisoud, E., Geeverding, A., Dubois, C., Dahirel, M., Aioun, J., Prezelin, A., Calvez, J., Richard, C., Wimel, L., ., 2019. Effects of dietary arginine supplementation in pregnant mares on maternal metabolism, placental structure and function and foal growth. Sci Rep, 9 (1), 6461

Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Couturier-Tarrade, A., Thieme, R., Brat, R., Rolland, A., Boileau, P., Aubrière, M-C., Daniel, N., Dahirel, M., Derisoud, E., Fournier, N., Schindler, M., Duranthon, V., Fischer, B., Navarrete-Santos, A., Chavatte-Palmer, P., 2019. A short periconceptional exposure to maternal type-1 diabetes is sufficient to disrupt the feto-placental phenotype in a rabbit model. Mol Cell Endocrinol, 480: 42-53

Rousseau-Ralliard, D., Valentino, S.A., Aubriere, M-C., Dahirel, M., Lallemand, M-S., Archilla, C., Jouneau, L ., Fournier, N., Richard, C., Aioun, J., Vitorino Carbalho, A., Lecardonnel, J., Slama, R., Duranthon, V., Cassee, F.R., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Couturier-Tarrade, A., 2019. Effects of first-generation in utero exposure to diesel engine exhaust on second-generation placental function, fatty acid profiles and fœtal metabolism in rabbits: preliminary results. Sci Rep, 9 (1): 9710

Rossitto, M., Marchive, C., Pruvost, A., Sellem, E., Ghettas, A., Badiou, S., Sutra, T., Poulat, F., Philibert, P., Boizet-Bonhoure, B., 2019. Intergenerational effects on mouse sperm qualify after in utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen. FASEB J, 33 (1): 339-357

Sanchez, JM., Mathew, DJ., Behura, SK., Passaro, C., Charpigny, G., Butler, ST., Spencer, TE., Longergan, P., 2019. Bovine endometrium responds differentially to age-matched short and long conceptuses. Biol Reprod, pii: ioz060

Sanz, G., Daniel, N., Aubriere, M-C., Archilla, C, Jouneau, L., Jaszcyszyn, Y., Duranthon, V., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Jouneau, A., 2019. Differentiation of derived rabbit trophoblast stem cells under fluid shear stress to mimic the trophoblastic barrier. BBA Gen Subjects, 1863 (10): 1608-1618

Vitorino Carvalho, C., Eozenou, C., Richard, C., Forde, N., Healey, G.D., Giraud-Deville, C., Mansouri-Attia, N., Lonergan, P., Sheldon, I.M., Sandra, O., 2019. Bovine scavenger receptor class A (SR-A) exhibit specific patterns of regulation in the endometrium during the oestrous cycle and early pregnancy. Reprod Fertil Dev, 31 (6): 1078-1090

Other articles (articles published in professional or technical journals, etc.)

Al-Gubory, K., 2019. Shedding light on fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy: Applications in biomedical imaging and therapies. J. Biophotonics,

Ghieh, F., Mitchell, V., Mandon-Pepin, B., Vialard, F., 2019. Genetic defects in human azoospermia. Basic Clin Androl, 29, 4

Scientific works (or chapters of works)

Jouneau, A., 2019. Heterogeneity in epiblast stem cells. In: "Stem Cells Heterogeneity – Novel Concepts", Ed. Alexander Birbrair, chap2: pp 5-17

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